Shep Bryan
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A man and his imagination.

Music • Marketing • Fashion • Business


Hit Songs: Moving people through music

I make music that moves people, giving them a soundtrack for their brightest moments. Whether it’s a catchy pop single, a rock ballad with a kick-in-the-teeth guitar solo, a pumping dance anthem, or a country classic for the lazy river… I write hits.

Music is my passion and I have written/produced nearly 1000 songs since I began in 2009. My work has appeared in TV pilots, big brand product spots, and music performances around the world.

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Interactive Content & Marketing Campaigns

The way the world interacts with stories is fundamentally changing. My professional work with Beaumonde Interactive Marketing & Creative Studio explores the frontier of interactive marketing and defines the best practices that will drive brand storytelling forward through the 21st century.

Web Design & Brand Strategy

I love to help people tell their stories in compelling ways. That’s why I love to design brands & strategize for growing them. I consider myself lucky that I get to sit in such a thoughtful space with the most talented & brilliant minds I can find. I turn powerful stories into roadmaps for growth & success.

My personal work in this regard focuses on serving executive leadership coaches and professional artists - two archetypes who are passionate about changing the way humans think for the better.

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Bold Fashion: Modern Bolo Ties

My distinctive bolo ties have shared the runway with iconic brands like Michael Kors & Chanel. Since 2013 I have reimagined the bolo tie for the modern wearer, turning a Southwestern anachronism into new expressive accessory for people who truly want to be different. You can see my work starting conversations on the street and at special events across the world.