secondhand sunshine.jpg

Secondhand Sunshine

by Vanilla The Hun

Vanilla The Hun's debut EP in all it's fiery glory. 8 tracks of groovy tomfoolery for you to get down to.

To our incredible fans and friends,

This is the music that we love to make, and from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate your support in purchasing it, sharing it, and enjoying it.

You're helping us live our dream and make the kickass music this world needs. Vanilla The Hun makes a lot of different sounds, but Secondhand Sunshine is our slacker rock flavor, inspired by the greats (as we see them) of 90s rock like Weezer, Pavement, Third Eye Blind, etc. These are the bands we grew up with, and this album is a unique attempt at a groovy homage to the music that made our 1990s so complete.

Our inspirations come from many different genres, like dirty south rap (Outkast), jazz (Coltrane), funk (Parliament), lo-fi acoustic (Neutral Milk Hotel), and more. It's only fitting that our sound puts them all in a blender and sets it to PUREE. Thanks for choosing to rock with Vanilla The Hun. We'll see you for our next release ;)

With hot steamy love,

Shoop, Spaceman J, and the Boys



released October 17, 2015

Mixed by SHNORP & Earthtones Recording
Produced & Mastered by SHNORP

Shep Bryan — songwriter, composer, vocals, guitar, engineer, album art
Jordan Boyle — composer, guitar, vocals (8), bass (7, 8), engineer
Michael Andrews — composer (4), guitar
Chris Andrews — composer (4), bass
Davis Harrell — drums

(c) 2015 Vanilla The Hun & SHNORP Records

all rights reserved