The Bolo makin' station

$50 to $250

I will hand craft a one-of-a-kind custom bolo tie for you from scratch. Price varies depending upon materials used.


I offer a wide selection of responsibly sourced materials including:

  • leather goods (cowhide, kangaroo, elk, deer)

  • metals (standard and precious)

  • gemstones (precious and semi-precious)

  • found artifacts (ex: antiques, vintage sports memorabilia, family heirlooms)

  • one-of-a-kind medallions (handcarved by artisans)

Use the form below to submit a bolo tie order.

If there's additional info you need to provide that I haven't made
space for, leave me a note in the "anything special?" box.

Give me an idea of the colors you have in mind. This could be your favorite colors, or a particular colorway you want to match.
Pick your preferred bolo cord material: LEATHER or COTTON *
Leather cord yields a more high-end bolo tie. Leather cord lasts longer than cotton cord but doesn't offer as many color options and can be more difficult to wear casually. Cotton cord offers a wider range of brilliant and striking color options at the cost of bolo longevity. Best option for matching streetwear colorways.
Pick your preferred bolo tip finish: GOLD or SILVER?
This preference will be reflected in the metal used in your bolo tie. Keep in mind that gold/silver accents will complement certain colorways differently.
How tall are you? *
Bolo cords are cut to length based on height. This ensures a more comfortable fit. Typical bolo length is 36 inches.
Some folks really love that classic bolo tie dangle. Select yes if you want me to add length in order to accentuate the swing of your bolo tie. Leave this field marked as no if you're not interested.
I will send you an email so we can start planning your bolo tie.
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