I’m Shep, a songwriter and producer with the magic ear for music that is catchy, meaningful, and marketable. I write songs for rock, rap, country, and dance. Everything you hear was written & produced by yours truly.


Here are Some of my favorite songs

Country: A hit Song looking for a singer

My band was invited onto G105’s Bob & The Showgram to turn a story about Bob’s outlaw father into a country music song. I had 7 days to write & produce the song. They definitely weren’t expecting this ear-cocaine Country Rock ballad…

Bob said: “Wow… that sounds like a real hit country song.”

Rock: When the girl totally knows

I took a Brazilian Portuguese class in college with a beautiful girl from Portugal who totally knew I was crushing on her all semester. It was obvious. She couldn’t NOT know. At the end of the semester as she was planning to fly back to Portugal she told me she’d had a boyfriend all along… damn. Well at least I’ve got this song. I even played it for her before she left. 😎

Indie: Music with MY hero

I am a huge fan of Mac Demarco’s groovy indie rock. Mac released an instrumental album in 2015, and I wrote & recorded material to four of my favorite tracks, releasing a fan EP titled Shep & Mac. Another Grain On The Beach tells the story of a problematic relationship that comes to a much needed end. The other tunes on the EP are worth a listen too! Thank You Mac is a song concept where Mac’s fans filled a comment box with their feedback about his music… and I’m reading them all in ~12 different voices.

Rap: Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Rapper

Songwriting for rap is like an exercise in verbal dexterity. I love the freedom I experience when I’m crafting lyrics for hip hop music. Writing hooks may be one of my favorite things to do.

Late Bloomer is a short tune that I classify as singer-songrapper. Come Get Some is a beautifully arranged homage to Dirty South Atlanta supergroup Outkast with lyrical acrobatics on display.

Some More Good Music


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