Listen: Woody Harrelson Instrumental

Hey there fellow humans, just dropping in here to connect the dots on one of my favorite tracks on Functional Adult Club for Kids:

Woody Harrelson (instrumental)

This instrumental powered one of my most popular tracks to date, Woody Harrelson, from Burning Leaf Technique by Mind Ninjas. Click into Spotify here and put this track on a playlist you love.

When I was living in Nashville, I was on a major music heater. My beats were hitting high marks with the homies, and I figured it was time to put together an album with my close collaborator Chris Shreve, better known as C. Shreve the Professor. We linked up with Alic Daniel (known then as Trillbee The Hooligan) to produce this gem of a music video for our high energy track. Enjoy.

🎥 Watch, 🎧 ListenShep Bryan