💿 Shep Write Good Soongs: Acustic EP

In early 2016 I released an EP on Soundcloud of some great acoustic jams. I’m now re-releasing this EP of demos and jams in all their glory through Distrokid this week!


Here are my original release notes from this sarcastically titled 2016 drop:

“A smattering of old and new acoustic material, great classics and new budding hits. Amazing stuff really... this is a time capsule of emotions and memories that I deliver unto you, the listener, my peer, my protege, my mentor... I give you my musical lifeblood and creation myth, all with a deliciously self deprecating album cover.

These songs are emotional high-water marks from the last four years of songwriting and recording with my best friends. Some tracks are tightly produced, others are loose demo quality, but they all have the spark of delightful music about them. They are inspired by my some of my favorite bands like Neutral Milk Hotel and Weezer, I really hope you enjoy!

Much love,


Recorded by Shep at Morph Studios in Raleigh NC, Earthtones Recording in Greensboro NC, and also I think there is a phone demo here and a live jam recorded at Kiawah Island SC.

Performance and / or songwriting credit goes to a few special friends on a couple of these songs. Rube Goldberg was co-written by Travis Toth, Three Days was co-written by Chris Grava and Jack Vaughan, and and A Jam For Terrence was a freestyle jam with Chris Grava. Pat Robinson held it down for backup vocals on Three Days as well.