🎧 Listen: So Many Drunk Girls 🍹

Knee deep in the Great Heater of 2012, your man Shep was on a beat-making hot streak that was the stuff of legend.

I took on the production challenge of flipping an iconic sample (iconic to me at least): Strung Out by William Bell and Mavis Staples. This beat flew together on it’s own - the magical state of natural music making that is just the best feeling in the world.

The story behind the title: In 2012 I was running around Nashville parties on the weekend and I’d always catch myself thinking how sometimes it was such a trip being around drunk people.

I give you my 2012 classic: “So Many Drunk Girls”

For those of you with a sharp ear, you’ll recognize this same sample in Down and Out by Cam’Ron, produced by a young Kanye (RIP).