🎧 Listen: Mass Effect 💪

Sometimes you strike gold when you pick up $2 vinyls at Goodwill.

In this bouncy instrumental, I pulled segments of music from an obscure 1960s easy listening record and wove them into a groovy tapestry. Love the twinkles and mysterious elements that fill this beat - most of the magic is coming straight from the sample.

Known to some friends at the time as Commander Shepard (a legendary protagonist from the Mass Effect video game series), it was only fitting that I pay homage to this heavy groove with an appropriate song title.

Feel the weight on this 2012 instrumental: “Mass Effect”

This sample comes a version of Scarborough Fair I pulled off a Goodwill vinyl… I think the band was an obscure 1960s easy listening group. Here’s Scarborough Fair by Simon & Garfunkel tho - that should give you some kind of idea of the sounds I started with.