💿 Functional Adult Club for Kids: Available Worldwide

Shazam! My 28 track instrumental opus is live worldwide.


Functional Adult Club for Kids is a timeless beat tape for lovers of lofi hip hop instrumentals. On this album, listeners are treated to some of my finest work as a sample-based beatmaker. Plus the rare & homegrown samples that powered this project are just as important as the music itself!

This beat tape gives listeners a sense of the depth in my musical catalog and it highlights a wildly prolific time in my music production career. The tracks on this album were originally produced between 2011 and 2012, and they each tell a story.

The making of Functional Adult Club for Kids

Gear used:

  • Reason 5. DAW of choice from late 2010 to 2014

  • Akai MPD32. For when the hi hats really needed some swangin’.

  • Numark TTUSB. Great for pulling quality samples off any record.

For FACK I listened through hundreds of tracks in my vault to find the perfect mix. I’ve been producing music pretty regularly since 2009, and at last count my catalog was over 700 tracks deep. This was a great chance to dive back into the many different realms of my music production over the years and pluck out some gems.

Every track picked for FACK was produced in 2011/2012 and has either never been released online or has only been released in rare quantities.

I consider 2011-2012 to be a special time for me musically. I had fallen all the way in love with hip hop music, and I was absorbing serious production mentorship through tracks by J Dilla and 9th Wonder.

At this time I was a young man living far from home as I attended college in Blacksburg VA and Nashville TN. It was an adventurous time, and I was learning a lot about music. In 2012, I landed in Raleigh NC where I found an amazing underground hip hop scene through the NC State Cypher. This tape encapsulates a lot of formative musical experiences, and each track comes with a memory. Maybe it will make memories for you too.

I hope you enjoy this beat tape!

If this music hits the spot for you, then let me know! Connect with me on social and we can talk more. @ShepBryan